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All made with fresh ingredients, family recipes and a lot of love and effort
Waffle with Fruit at La Creperie Kafe

Breakfast or Brunch Daily
Coffee Reg. $2.80 - Product Martin Coffee-Jax

Good Morning                                       $10.50
Original Slam Breakfast: Two pancakes with two eggs and choice of meat (bacon, sausage or ham)

Bonjour                                                   $9.90
French Breakfast:  Two eggs and two bacon served with two slices of French Toast.

Le Breakfast                                           $9.50
Two eggs, two bacon or sausage links, homefries and toast.

Pancakes & Belgian Waffles
Three Pancakes                                          $8.90
One Belgian Waffle                                    $10.50
   (with strawberry & whipped cream)
French Toast                                               $8.90
   (3 slices served with powdered sugar)

French Croissant
Cream Cheese                                            $5.20
Egg                                                              $5.50
Egg & Cheese                                             $5.75
Egg, Cheese and Bacon                            $6.50
Egg, Cheese and Ham                               $6.50
Egg, Cheese, Ham and Bacon                  $7.00

3 Eggs with Homefries and Toast
Ham & Cheddar                                         $10.50
Western                                                      $12.50
Veggie                                                        $11.50

Side Order                   
Toast (white, wheat, rye)                                            $2.00
Croissant Plain                                            $3.00
Country Ham                                              $3.50
Bacon (4 slices)                                             $3.50
Pancake (1)                                                                $3.00
Sausage Links (3)                                                  $3.50
Eggs                                                             $1.50
Home-Fries                                                  $4.00

Les Savory Crêpes
For Breakfast or Brunch

Build your own "Crêpe"                             $13.00
Meat: Ham, Smoked Turkey or Roast Beef
Cheese:  Swiss, Provolone or American

La Complete                                                 $14.00
Eggs, Ham, Swiss-Cheese

La Lorraine                                                  $14.50
Bacon, Ham, Swiss-Cheese, Creme Fraiche

La Vegetarienne                                          $14.50
Eggs, Spinach, Provolone Cheese, Creme Fraiche

Du Chef                                                        $15.00
Chicken Breast, Diced Tomatoes,
Sauce Alfredo, Swiss Cheese

La 3 Fromages                                            $15.00
Goat Cheese, Brie, Swiss-Cheese

La Norvegienne                                         $15.50
Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche & Capers

L' Atlantic                                                  $15.50
Sauteed Shrimp, Creme Fraiche, Tomatoes, Swiss Cheese

All savory crêpes served with Gradin Dauphinos
(baked layers of potatoes and heavy cream, topped with swiss cheese)

Hot Sandwiches
Choice of combo with salad or Gratin

                                                               Sub / Combo
French Dip                                        $9.50 / $13.00
Served on Sub Roll, with thin slices of roast beef and provolone
cheese and dipping sauce "Au Jus"

Croque Monsieur                             $9.00 / $13.00
Baked White or Wheat Bread, Ham with Swiss
Cheese and Béchamel

Croque Madame                               $9.50 / $13.00
Baked White or Wheat Bread, Ham with Swiss
Cheese, Béchamel and Sunny-Side-Up Egg

Cold Sandwich
Served with Chips and Pickle Spears

Club Sandwich                                  $10.50


Creme Brulee                                      $5.60

French Patisserie                               $5.60

Please be aware the consumption of raw or undercooked food items may be detrimental to your health.  Please inform the server of any dietary requirements or allergies.
Our Specialty

La Banana                                                $8.00
Nutella, Banana & Whipped Cream

Fraise Amour                                           $8.00
Nutella, Strawberry & Whipped Cream

La Belle Helene                                        $8.50
Pear, Chocolate, Almonds & Whipped Cream

La Normande                                           $8.50
Baked Apples, Cinnamon & Brown Sugar

Mixed Fresh Fruits                                  $9.50
Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries,
Blueberries, Banana

La Gourmande                                         $9.50
Nutella, 1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
Toppings:  Chocolate or Caramel or Strawberry
& Whipped Cream

La Crêpe Suzette Kafe                             $9.50
Orange, Sugar and Lemon with Grand Marnier

Sweet Crêpes

Sugar & Butter                                     $5.50

Lemon Curd                                          $6.00

Honey (Miel)                                        $5.50

Confitures, Jelly                                   $6.00
(Your choice of preserves:  Strawberry, Apricot, Blueberry,
Raspberry, Orange Marmalade)

Peanut Butter                                       $6.00

Nutella                                                   $6.00


Quiche Lorraine                                         $9.00
Eggs, ham, bacon, swiss-cheese, creme fraiche

Quiche Aux Epinards                                $9.00
Eggs, fresh sauteed spinach, provolone cheese, creme fraiche

Croissant Ham or Turkey                        $8.90
With swiss cheese and bechamel (flour, milk/butter)

Croissant Spinach                                    $8.90
Fresh spinach with sour creme and provolone cheese

Choose the combo for only                   $13.00
Served with fresh spring mix, salad, and choice of dressing
or gradin dauphinois

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Visit us on Facebook
and Let Us Know How We Are Doing.

Visit us on Facebook
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How We Are Doing.

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